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Who is the Woke Blogger? What are woke domains?


Woke Blogger. Photo of hands on laptop by cottonbro from Pexels.

Are you feeling woke today?

Would you like to spread wokeness throughout the universe with your own woke Website?

Would you like to send and receive email at a vanity email address? It will delight (or annoy) people who read your email!

Let’s do it!

The Woke Blogger

Mitchell D. Miller My name is Mitchell D. Miller, and I am the “Woke Blogger.”

We are living in historic times, nearly overwhelmed by news and news events.

But two words in the news fascinate me: COVID and woke.

I created ad-free COVID USA News last year. My Website delivers COVID News, updated hourly, from a diverse group of free news sources.

Additionally, COVID USA News is only about COVID. There are no distractions or advertisements, like a general news site.

A “woke news” Website was next on my plan. But it never materialized.

So I am selling my woke domains.

Each domain starts with “woke” and ends with a word or number.

For example, I started with Woke 411. Because everyone in USA associates “411” with information.

But Europeans might not know 411. So I bought 40 more domains, before I started a different project.

I want to sell you a woke domain, so you can create a brand for a new business, a high-ranking Website, interesting email address, or anything.

Create a Woke Website

A Website’s domain name and title are very important! Your Website can reach more people, if their search terms is your Website’s name.

For example: there are currently 30 million search results on Google, for “woke news from Washington.”

If someone searches for “woke news from Washington,” WokeWashington.com should be one of the top search results.

Buy a Woke Domain Name

Select one of my 41 woke domain names. Each domain starts with “woke” and ends with a search term.

Use Your Woke Domain Name

Use your new domain name, as the name of a business, and Website title.

For example: 40 million search results for “woke Florida”.

Get on the first page of millions of search results!

Buy WokeFlorida.com – use “Woke Florida” as the title of your new Website.

The exact search term can be your domain name, and Website title.

Woke Email Addresses

Use a woke domain for a vanity email address, without a Website. Send me a note, to receive personalized assistance.

Fast Transfers

Each domain on this Website is eligible for “fast transfer.”

Forget waiting periods. Start using your domain, seconds after buying it.

Contact me if you have any questions.

Are you ready?

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